Reclaimed Roofing Materials

As part of our roofing service we stock a large number of re- claimed roofing products, such as Welsh slates, concrete & clay tiles (Bridgewater, Barnstaple, Stonewold, Marley & Delta) and fittings such as ridge, hips, finials & decorative chimney pots.

We also stock reclaimed slate products from stripped properties in South Devon and the surrounding areas. Reclaimed Welsh slate has a number of beneficial properties, such as affordability, durability and colour, making it a desirable choice for many roofing projects such as heritage, period and new works.

We can also email images of stock items if needed.  To discuss your reclamation needs please ring first to see if we can help you with your requirements.

With a large selection of stock, availability often changes on a weekly/daily basis, therefore it is not possible to display all our slates/tiles on this website. Please ring or email to discuss your requirements stating sizes, colour and importantly quantities needed. If we cannot help we will do our best to secure the product needed from our trading partners.

Samples of our reclaimed roofing materials